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Woolston Infant School Mathematics Statement of Intent

We provide a Mathematics curriculum that immerses pupils in learning that is memorable, engaging and meaningful. The Mathematics curriculum enables pupils to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and vocabulary they need to be successful Mathematicians. Our Mathematics curriculum will enable the children to develop, apply and embed their skills through linked topic learning, building on what they already know and can do.

By teaching of the programmes of study linked to topic based units we aim to teach the children:-

  •  a range of mental strategies
  •  an understanding of number in a variety of contexts
  •  to recognise shape and understand their properties
  •  to recognise and use money
  •  to understand measures
  •  to learn number facts by heart
  •  to investigate mathematics and solve problems
  •  a variety of recording strategies
  •  to explain their reasoning
  •  to make connections between mathematical ideas
  •  apply mathematical knowledge to different subjects

We use the maths mastery approach for teaching the programmes of study (see below).

Please see the document below for the parent's maths information booklet.