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Curriculum Vision: Music

“Where words fail, music speaks…” Hans Christian Anderson

At Woolston Infant School every child is a musician. We believe that music is a universal language which has the potential to inspire and foster creativity in all our pupils. Singing assemblies are held to develop children’s voices, as well as to bring pupils together to experience the act of singing together as a collective. A musical calendar has been developed for the school in order to expose children to wide range of artists and music genres. Pupils begin to learn simple songs and changes from the beginning of Reception, with every child given the opportunity to perform to an audience in the school’s nativity. Pupils engage with music critically through weekly music lessons: listening to, reviewing and evaluate music from periods, genres, styles and traditions. Key artists have been selected to expose pupils to a wide range of highquality music. By the end of Key Stage 1 all pupils will have been able to perform, compose, play tuned and untuned instruments and use their voices expressively and creatively. We recognise the pivotal part that music plays in enabling pupils to increase their confidence, resilience and cultural awareness.